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Many patients prefer to have control over who is providing their treatment as well as the timing and location of their surgery.


We accept most major health insurance plans. We recommend that you contact you private insurance company before consultation or treatment to confirm whether there are any financial limits, exclusions or an excess to your insurance policy. Similarly if you are insured under a company health scheme you can confirm with your employer or their insurer any potential restrictions for your treatment. We are happy to file the claim for you, but on rare occasions were balances are not covered by your private health insurance, the patient is liable for any shortfall.   In order to register and treat you promptly we request that prior to any treatment or procedure you provide my secretary with your insurance company details and policy number or membership details, so that we can contact the insurer and obtain authorisation for your treatment.

Self-paying patients

If you are not covered by a health insurance then you can pay all fees directly. Payment for consultation can be made by cash, bank transfer or a cheque.


Cost of treatment

We are happy to provide you with an estimate of any treatment costs in advance. Consultation and surgeon fees tend to follow the Cyprus Medical Association relevant catalogue, but on some occasions specialised procedures are not included in the catalogue.  It’s worth remembering that the cost of the treatment or procedure also reflects the fees for materials or equipment used and also the level of expertise provided and in the case of a surgical procedure may cover a number of pre-operative and post-operative clinic appointments.   Private hospitals will invoice patients separately for any tests performed, equipment and consumables used during a surgical procedure as well as any hospital stay. It is the patient’s responsibility to enquire regarding these treatment costs prior to any treatment/procedure. The overall cost of the treatment or procedure therefore may vary from patient to patient for the same procedure depending on your individual circumstances including the duration of surgery or stay in hospital and resources used during and after your surgery. These bills are separate to and not inclusive of the procedure bill submitted to you by your surgeon.

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The information relating to general and colorectal disorders and their treatments given on this website is not complete and is not intended as a substitute for a consultation with your doctor. Always seek medical advice from your doctor before making a decision about any of the conditions and/or treatments mentioned on this website.

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You can always contact our Clinic for booking appointments and other useful information:

Dr. Georgios Markides,
Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon

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